Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Joseph in Jail

Gather a scrap piece of construction paper, 7 popsicle sticks, crayons, a glue stick, and scissors.

Color 6 of the craft sticks. These will be used to create the jail.

Lay one stick down horizontally and add some glue to each end. Then lay a stick vertically on each end, as shown in the picture.

 Lay another stick down horizontally, color side up, and add some glue to each end. Then slip that stick up under the two vertical pieces and stick together. You now have a complete square.

Add some glue to the back ends of the last two colored popsicle sticks and lay them down as jail bars.

Draw a Joseph figure on the piece of construction paper and cut him out.

Glue the Joseph figure to the last popsicle stick.

Put Joseph in and out of Jail.

Joseph had to go to jail and that was really hard, 
but he still trusted that God had a plan for him!