Monday, May 22, 2017

Snack Crown

Gather a piece of pineapple, small grapes, Trix or some other small, round cereal, a knife, and a plate.

To cut out your crown, you can start by cutting the bottom and the sides of your pineapple. (Please do not let your child do the cutting. Just let them describe their vision to you to prevent any accidents!)

Next, you can cut little triangles in the top of the pineapple to be the tips of the crown. Be as creative as you want with this!

Now you can add some jewels! I started by cutting small pieces of grapes and adding them to the bottom of our crown.

 I then topped off our crown by adding Trix cereal jewels to the top. I think the added color is so fun!

Now you can enjoy your snack! Talk about how David wore a crown once he was anointed King. David was a great leader! We can be great leaders too.