Saturday, April 8, 2017

Lion Face

 Gather scissors, glue, a black marker, two black pieces of construction paper, and one piece of orange and yellow construction paper.

Cut a large heart out of the orange construction paper, a medium-sized heart out of the yellow construction paper, and a small heart out of one of the pieces of black construction paper.

Cut small slits along the bottom and sides of the orange heart to represent the lion’s mane.

Turn the yellow heart upside down and cut small slits only on the bottom to represent the lion’s whiskers.

Lay the other piece of black construction paper down and glue the orange heart in the middle of the page.

Glue the yellow heart inside the orange heart, upside down.

Glue the small black heart in the yellow heart to represent the lion’s nose.

 Draw eyes on the lion’s face.

The king had Daniel thrown into the lion’s den, but he wasn’t scared. Daniel trusted in God and knew that He would protect him – and He did!