Sunday, October 30, 2016

The Shepherds

Gather 2 white paper cups, 1 brown pipe cleaner cut in half, 2 mini candy canes or candy cane ornaments, 2 cotton balls, scissors, glue or tape, a permanent marker, and a colorful paper napkin.

Using the marker, draw a face on one side of each cup.

 Tape one half of the brown pipe cleaner to the back of each cup and bend the pipe cleaners to down and around to look like arms/hands.

Cut the paper napkin into 2 rectangular pieces. These will be their headpieces. Mine are around 2inches x 6inches.

Put some glue or tape on the top and sides of each cup and lay the napkins down, having even amounts of napkin hanging from each side.

Slip a candy cane into one hand of each of the cups. These are their staffs.

Place a cotton ball in the other hand of each cup. These are sheep.

 Your shepherds are now complete! Talk about how the shepherds were the first people to hear about Baby Jesus being born in the stable!