Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Peter In Jail

 Gather you supplies. 

You will need a copy of the page on the following link http://www.greenlawn.org/images/stories/TeachingMinistry/BibleClassResources/Paul%20and%20Silas %20in%20Prison%20-%20add%20yarn.pdf 

It prints 2/page so make sure you have one picture for each child, cardstock or paper to print on, yarn, scissors, tape, hole punch and crayons.

 Cut sheet in half and punch holes where it shows to punch them

Cut a large piece of yarn and place tape on the end so it is easier to string through!

 Starting from behind, have your child run the yarn through the holes so that it forms a jail cell. 

Talk to your child about how some mean people thought that is Peter was in jail he couldn’t go and tell people about Jesus but they were WRONG!!!