Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Lunch for a Bunch

Here's an activity inspired by Bible Class Creations 
that will let your preschooler retell the story of
Jesus feeding the 5000 with one boy's lunch

You need a lunch bag, some colored paper,
or white paper to color,
tape, string & scissors.

Let your child cut out shapes 
of bread and fish. 
(if cutting is too hard, check the next pic)
Set 2 fish and 5 loaves aside.

If cutting is too difficult,
just make rectangles and let
your child draw the
bread and fish.

After setting aside the 2 & 5,
tape the remaining fish and
bread to a long piece of string.

Put the string in the bag.
Let your child tell the story:
One boy had a lunch
(open the lunch bag)
He had 5 rolls & 2 fish
(put in the loose fish/bread)
When Jesus blessed it, 
it became enough to feed
(reach in bag and pull out string
with ALL the fish and bread)