Tuesday, November 5, 2013

God is Always With Me Book

Your preschooler can make a book         
that will remind him that
everywhere he goes,
God is always with him! 

His book can have as many pages as you 
would like to make.
Each page represents a place where he goes often.
You can decorate each page in a variety of ways,
your child can draw a picture of the place,
or you can use stickers,
or pictures from a newspaper or magazine.

Construction paper for the pages and 
white paper for each picture,
double-sided tape or a glue stick,
scissors, hole punch, and yarn to hold it all!

Cut the construction paper in half, lengthwise,
then fold those pieces in half to make your book.
Orange and brown make a fun fall book.
You can use as many pages as you want to make.

Punch two holes on the left side,
through all thicknesses,
for threading the yarn to bind it.

You can title the  book for your child!

Cut white paper rectangles for each
page.  You can use glue stick 
or double stick tape to fasten 
them to the construction paper.

If you are using stickers or pictures 
from magazines or newspapers, 
put one picture on each page
to represent a place where your child goes.

Or your child can color the places 
he goes.

Thread two pieces of yarn through 
the holes and tie to make a binding.

Now you can look at his book
and talk about the places he 
went today.
And remind him that 
God is always with him,
 every place he went!